Important Information

The following is a list of available software updates, you can get the "Download & Installation Instructions" by clicking here, please follow these closely.

Your current version details can be viewed from the OdaLog software help menu.

Some products also require the following:
USB to RS232 Converter Drivers
- Link to Win XP\Vista\7 Driver

Version 1.0.30  

Latest software version for OdaStat (14MB)

Latest updater

OdaStat Help

Follow the link to download the latest OdaStat Online Help (6MB)

download now


Version (5 MB)

Latest update program for OdaStat-G.

Version 1.0.37 (5 MB)

Latest update program for OdaStat-E.

OdaStat-E to G Updater
Version 1.0.49 (17.6 MB)

OdaStat E to G Update Program.