OdaLogĀ® Low Range H2S Logger

Hydrogen Sulphide can be smelled at very low ppb levels of H2S and has a strong, offensive and nuisance odour. This odour can be the source of numerous complaints from residential and business communities and in many areas, H2S levels are regulated to ensure emissions are within acceptable levels. For this reason, the OdaLogĀ® Low Range H2S Logger was developed. With a measurement range of 0.01-2.00ppm and long term logging capability, it is one of the most accurate and effective H2S odour management tools available.

The Low Range H2S Logger is designed for indoor and outdoor use and will record levels of H2S at a sampling interval between 10 minutes and 1 hour for at least one week on a single C-size alkaline cell. This allows operators to deploy the Low Range Logger ahead of time at the site of a problem or facility perimeter so that odour problems can be measured and recorded as they occur. The Low Range H2S Logger has an in-built sample pump and can log up to 30,000 data points.

Typical Applications:

  • Plant perimeters

  • Fence line monitoring

  • Short term scrubber performance testing

  • Corrosion control in equipment rooms

  • Odour and corrosion studies

  • Low level H2S source detection

Download Low Range Brochure (PDF)